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As long as we live on earth, man was always longing for understanding the world around. For ancient people there was a lot of incomprehensible and obscure, and therefore people believed in supernatural forces which explained everything happening with them and with their environment. Man also believed that he had to gain favor of these forces, please them with obedience and praising. That is one of the ways a man gave birth to arts – to symbolize them, to express honor. It was much of practical sense: totemic tribes draw animals they originated from, believing that these images protected them from disasters. Images were also widely used as source of information in preliterate period – for other tribes and for […]

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“What is man?” – asked David in his Psalms thousands of years ago. It is striking that the relevance of this question has not decreased in the twentieth and twenty first centuries. Whether a man is only an animal or, maybe, he is just a complex combination of chemical compounds, or, maybe, he is much more than all this, some great creation? The desire to know the history of man’s origin is quite natural, as people have not always existed on the Earth. That is why, the problem of Creation and understanding of human nature is central problem of people of all ages. This question can be considered from different perspectives: from the standpoint of theology, religion, anthropology, philosophy and […]

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