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“I, Robot” is the movie that will occupy one of the central places in the exhibition named “Technologies Out of Control”. Basically, this film perfectly meets the major goal of the exhibition to demonstrate the view of contemporaries on human future in the context of the development of new technologies and their impact on human life. This is why the film about the clash of machines and humans will be a good exhibit that will definitely attract the audience and help better understand the major idea of the exhibition. Speaking about this film and its significance for the exhibition, it should be said that this film provides an opportunity to look in the nearest future of humans when technologies will […]

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The action in the film is set in the relatively near future, in the year 2035, in Chicago, where robots are the part of everyday life on earth and the main labor force of the human species. The company sells and design/build is US Robots for its acronym in United States Robotics. Detective Spooner is a man who hates robots. He is also a lover of the past, he is even using motorcycle petrol, some tennis shoes from the early century, and a very old stereo (for the time that is). Almost all home appliances are robotic and all work is very similar to humans. Robots have become ministers, advisers, assistants and even friends. Fear of people to all sorts […]

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